How to Find the Best Incontinence Products

When a person is diagnosed with incontinence, his/her problems do not end there. To manage the issue and choose the right products to do so is the bigger issue. Here are a few things that you should consider while buying incontinence products.

Consider the Gender

Many people are unaware pf the fact that incontinence products are gender specific, i.e., they are designed differently for men and women. Therefore, the gender should be considered while buying the right type of product. Having the right protection increases the efficiency automatically.

Keep in Mind the Purpose

The nature of incontinence varies from person to person. For some people, it is just a rare phenomenon that may be triggered due to sneezing or laughter but for other people it may be a severe problem. The nature of the problem therefore plays an important role in determining the product that should be bought.

Many varieties of products are available in the market based on the volume of the problem, comfort and the skin type.

Night Time Protection

For those who have the issue of heavy or repeated bouts of incontinence during sleep, a product that could hold higher volumes of flow is advised. It should also be equipped to handle both urinary and fecal incontinence, since the control of the bladder as well as the bowels is reduced during sleep.

Features to Kept in Mind While Buying

Although the function of all these products is same, their quality and efficiency might differ from product to product and manufacturer to manufacturer. So, before spending your money, consider these features:

  • Size: Absorbent undergarments come in different sizes, usually based on waist and hip measurements, just like other bottom wear. A special range called bariatric is also available for heavier individuals. Make sure the product you buy fits you well.


  • Absorbency: This is the amount of liquid the product can handle. The absorbency of incontinence products ranges from light to extra heavy, and is expressed in ounces.


  • Contour: This is how the product fits to the body. It is slightly different from the size. Features such as flexible tabs and leg cuffs should be considered, since they add to the comfort quotient.


  • Odour Control: Almost all the products have technology for odour control. It is up to you to choose the most efficient one.


  • Moisture Pull: One the primary reasons to use incontinence products is to keep you dry and so almost all the products have some unique feature to pull or wick the moisture.

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