Depend Underwear: How Effective are They?

Depend Underwear for women are specifically designed to fight the problem of incontinence and urine leakage. These products are available in different sizes, fits and wearing styles, and can be brought based on the comfort.


Selecting such underwear depends on the level of incontinence that the individual is experiencing, as well as on their ability to put on and remove the garment. If they cannot wear it themselves and need assistance, then there are specific products available for that too. These products come with additional support to help the person.


The skin type of the person needs to be considered too, given that using an unsuitable product can lead to rashes and skin allergies.

What Makes Them Efficient?

  • Depend underwear are available in different sizes, according to the need of the person, which makes it easy to fit. It helps in stopping side leakage and can be worn at night to avoid any flow while twisting and turning during sleep.


  • They come in different absorbency levels. So, if you have lighter flow, you can opt for a thinner cloth, while in case of heavy flow, opt for a thick product. The thickness of the material not only gives you better results but also provides added comfort.


  • Given that urine is thick, the leakage may lead to it soaking through clothes and bedsheets instantly. Therefore, such underwear is designed in various sizes, shapes and fit to prevent leakage.

Comparisons Between Washable and Disposable Underwear

There are two types of depend underwear available in the market. One is the normal pull up undergarment, while the other is the disposable one that can be thrown away after use.


They both have their own purpose and come with pros as well as cons. So, it again depends on the need of the individual who will use it. For example, if the person needs some assistance in changing, then disposable underwear might be a better option, since they can be easily changed. They are good for the skin and can also absorb higher volumes of fluid. However, they need to be changed regularly, making it an expensive option.


On the other hand, the washable underwear requires regular washing, which itself could be a cumbersome task. They are light weight and soft, but the absorbency may not be as high. Opt for this type if there is light leakage.


So, the best way to choose is to first monitor the level of incontinence and the flow and make an informed decision.


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