5 sexual positions for mind blowing orgasms

Sexual life has to be healthy and romantic enough to make both boy and the girl happy and satisfied. For which sexual position plays a major role and provides the effect on love life accordingly. The best position makes both the individuals comfortable as well as satisfied during the process. It’s really important to spice up the love life by trying different kind of positions which can keep your partner happy at the same time help in enjoying each and every moment. Below are some best sexual positions to give a different face to your love life.

  • We all know that doggy style is the best position which most of the men and women prefer these days. This position provides maximum amount of satisfaction to the couple at the same time makes the intercourse a very successful one. As the women is in the doggie position the male organ easily pushes itself inside the female organ.
  • Then next is the very known style known as the T square where the women lies on her back and the male lies over her. The women keeps her leg raised and keeps a gap in between her legs. This position allows the male to see each and every part of the women’s body and enjoy the moment.
  • Then comes the most simpler position when the women sleeps on her face and man lies on her top in a perpendicular position. This helps in penetration of the male organ and also helps in pleasing the women.
  • The next position when couples can try is T position when the women keeps her legs together and turns to one side looking towards the man who spreads his leg and kneels behind the other hip. This is one of the best position which men usually enjoy a lot as it gives them maximum pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Apart from this oral sex is one of the kind which a lot of people like to have. Women enjoy this position a lot which gives out enough sexual satisfaction to the male.

Having intercourse weekly 3 times can give maximum pleasure to the couple. It’s very important to balance the love life and the normal day to day life. Having a hot water bath before going to bed will surely give you the pleasure and urge to have a sexual intercourse. Nowadays most of the people are busy in enjoying their work life and personal life which does not give them the strength to stay back late night in the bed and make love with their partner. This is what gives a lot of gap between a relations. It’s very important to keep aside some time for your sexual life which will keep your relation healthy at the same time keep your health also healthy and satisfied. So give some time to your partner from your hectic day and enjoy the best on the bed.


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