Best Remedies for Flu in child

There are various symptoms for flu in child some of the most common symptoms are fever, throat irritation, cough, body ache and chills. If the child flu is in the basic stage or minor you can make use of home remedy which will help you in getting the best treatment done for the child. Below are some of the most natural remedies which you can make use sitting at home to fight back flu easily.

  • One of the main trouble which kids go through due to flue is vomiting and diarrhoea for which you will have to take in enough fluid. Water will always be the best choice. Caffeine and tea will increase diarrhoea so better stay away from it. Have fresh juice when you feel nauseated. If your urine is pale yellow or almost colourless then we can say that you have taken enough amount of fluid.
  • Hot soup can help the kid in the best way, chicken soup can be a perfect pick as it will help the respiratory track from getting out of all sort of infection.
  • This is the time when you need to talk to your body and listen to it, if you feel your body wants to take some rest better lie down rather than doing any kind of exercise or activity. Try to avoid all your daily work for some time till you feel, your body is fit and fine to take up the pressure and load.
  • Having bath in hot water with some steam will help the body in the right way. All you got to do is to switch on the shower and make your child sit below it for some time. It will surely keep the body clean at the same time give a lot of relaxation.
  • Breathe in some hot steam which will help in opening the throat, nose and also keep you safe from headache. You can have this done at least two times per day till you feel the flem in the throat is cleared off.
  • One of the best ways to help the babies body come out of weakness is giving maximum sleep. Taking bath in hot water and then sleep for some time will help in taking away all the weakness present in the body.
  • It’s good to take a walk in healthy atmosphere which will help in providing you some healthy air to breathe.
  • Try to have milk and turmeric which will help in clearing off the infection which is present in the throat, nose area and even clear off the digestive system easily.
  • Yogurt is also one of the best medicine to clean the infection which is present in the digestive area. Always try to make use of natural remedies rather than depending on medication. If at all you feel things are going out of your hand then you can take some advice from your doctor to get the best treatment.

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