Sensitive Skin Problems and Solutions

When the research and analysis organisation, REACH did a survey of women in KSA and their skin condition, they found 65% of Saudi women are facing skin problems. The reason for such a high number of women is directly linked to the harsh climate. Not surprising that the survey showed that almost 45% of them complained of dry skin. Moreover, 60% clearly described a decrease in their quality of life when suffering from skin problems and not being able to do their best.

Sensitive Skin Symptoms and Solutions

Symptoms of tightness and itchiness: If your skin feels tight, especially on the face, your skin is excessively dry. It could also be the result of using the wrong kind of skin cleanser or soap. Avoid harsh soaps that break down the lipid layer in the skin which seals the moisture in our skin. When our skin becomes dry, little cracks appear in this layer which lose moisture and allow dust particles to cause irritation.

Solution: First and foremost, don’t over-wash your face. Substitute a moisturiser for your cleaner every once in a while, and apply a moisturiser with an SPF rating.

Symptoms of burning and stinging: Usually this is a sign of overload! Sometimes, these sensations are caused by using the wrong kind of hair removal cream. Using a number of skin care products, especially those loaded with anti-aging ingredients can make you skin react adversely. The greater the number of cosmetics you use, the more the chances of them not agreeing with each other and you. Mixing products might be putting yourself in a position to strip your skin of its natural oils and increasing irritation.

Solution: Stick to one or specific lotions or creams. Look for those which build up the skins natural defences. Sensitive areas such as armpits should not be subjected to harsh chemicals and potential irritants. For hair removal, use a cream that will soothe your skin with natural ingredients like Veet Hair Removal Cream – Legs & Body – Sensitive Skin which has Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, both known for their soothing properties.

Symptoms of redness and tiny bumps: When your skin swells and turns red at the slightest of irritation, you most probably have a condition that is known as rosacea. This skin condition is triggered by the simplest of causes such as heat, cold, wind, spicy foods or just stress. While the exact cause of this condition is unknown, it is fairly common for those above the age of 30. It is caused by a breakdown of collagen. Alternatively, it can also be caused by an allergy.

Solution: Make sure you get an SPF factor of at least 30 in your skin care products. Tougher sunblock that use titanium dioxide and zinc oxide will work as well. An allergic reaction is caused by our immune system triggering a local inflammation. Always clean your skin while it is moist. You could be allergic to one of the products you use.


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