What You Need to Know About the Toyota Dyna

According to Stastica, about 830,000 passenger cars and commercial vehicles were sold in Saudi Arabia in 2014. Since 2010, the market has been on the arise in the country, with light commercial vehicles accounting for about 22.2% of the total vehicles.


One such popular vehicle is the Toyota Dyna, which has a long history and is inspired by the Japanese light-truck formula of front-control cab, with the driver and passengers sitting on the front aisle. It gives a long load area and the length of the truck is greater than others in its class.


It is not just an attractive model but is also very effective when it comes to business. It is available in different models, based on the load capacity (3,000 kg and 3,500 kg). The length of the truck changes according to its capacity. It is primarily used for distributing goods and food materials.

Trusted Product

Ever since the Toyota Dyna was launched in the market, it has been a huge hit, making an instant impact on buyers. Since then, six different generations have been launched, making it one of the regulars of the tracking and logistics sector.


In the last few years, technology has been given preference in the design, providing better fuel efficiency, driving comfort and steering response. In some countries, you don’t even need a driving license to drive this light rigid truck, giving it the name of a car license truck.


Since 2006, this truck has been Euro 4 compliant, with a 3-litre turbo diesel engine. It can produce 142 bhp and 300 Nm of torque almost effortlessly. The rear axle and dual tyres are fitted to provide stability, making it easy to control while driving.


With such high technical standards, it is quite a responsive machine, producing excellent torque from the word go. It is reliable and is a perfect option for business operations.


The truck has good leg space and the interior of Toyota Dyna is very eye-catching. The tall driving position is combined with an extensive windscreen view, allowing the driver a clear view of the road. The efficient air-conditioning system makes it an ideal companion for long-distance rides during the Saudi Arabian summers.


The driver’s seat is very comfortable and is specifically designed to reduce vibrations that usually result in fatigue. The seat belts and grab handles are fitted to make the journey safe.


The exterior is good too, although nothing fancy. The truck follows the motto of getting the job done and is a complete workhorse. Keeping in mind its load capacity and fuel-efficiency, it is a real winner.


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