Investing in the Middle East: Key essentials

Setting the correct benchmarks to maximise your investment in the Middle East can be supplemented by the right advisory inputs for high gains.

The Middle East has been one of the best investment destinations for investors around the world, for several years. Though the region has primarily buoyed the economy with crude oil and petroleum deposits, other profitable sectors have sprung up in recent years.

With a proliferation of the Internet and the rise of young, upwardly mobile populations in the Middle East, it is obvious that infrastructure and housing have emerged as the key investment destinations. Close on their heels are Internet-based businesses and new media fuelled by a rise in the use of smartphones. Plus, there is a burgeoning start-up culture in the Middle East, with many younger age groups starting several enterprises spanning different industries.

However, the right technical and financial inputs are required before an investor can make an informed decision about investing in the region. These are necessary especially when foreign investors look to gain broad exposure in the Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) markets in the Middle East, or individual country ETFs. The investment solutions they choose must be backed by expert analysis from experienced financial advisors in the region.

Investments with the right team of experts

This is where reputed financial advisory firms in the Middle East come in – they provide the latest market analysis and tailor their recommendations for new investment solutions to suit their clients. These recommendations are based on continuous research and tapping trends as they emerge in the Middle East. They have links with the top players in the markets, from local businesses to international entities. Thus, their investment solutions are customised to suit every individual investor based on a variety of factors.

These investment advisory companies in the Middle East take into account the investor’s risk appetite, strategic and financial goals and the monies they wish to spend every quarter. The solutions are prepared basis the investor type (Private, Privilege and Corporate), their specific needs and the markets/countries they wish to explore. Then, the portfolio is prepared in close consultation with the investor(s) to arrive at investment solutions that maximise the investor’s funds.

Thus, premier investment advisory services are able to optimise investment potential across a spectrum of industries and sectors with up-to-the-minute market information backed by resources and expertise of the most experienced financial advisors. Investors are able to gain entry into new markets and territories without having to guess at the fate of the investment – they can forge ahead with their financial goals with the security of knowledge and experience backing their many forays in the Middle East.


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