5 Tips for Healthy Skin

Healthy, glowing skin says a lot about you. When you know you look good, your confidence level soars. So, why not take a little extra care and make sure you look young and fresh for longer? After all, this is why people spend thousands of bucks on cosmetics and beauty care products each year. Living in a hot country like Saudi Arabia, where the heat and perspiration can wreak havoc, you need more than just the beauty products to look good.

Here are a few skin care tips to maintain healthy skin.

1.      Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Just like you need to keep your throat hydrated to avoid it feeling dry and scratchy, you also need to drink water at regular intervals to keep your skin hydrated. Water is considered as the best food for the skin, making it look fresh and young.

2.      Quit Smoking

Smoking is the worst thing that you can do to your skin. You may think that you look like Tyler Durden from the Fight Club but the truth is that you actually look like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad! So, before you starting looking like you are 60 when you really are 30, quit smoking. And, it helps reduce stress too.

3.      Avoid the Sun

A few hours in the sun might make you feel good but extend your stay for a few more minutes and you might be doing more harm than good. So, before it is too late, turn to a sunscreen and make sure it has an SPF of more than 15, especially for the Gulf countries. This is the only way to stay protected from the harmful UV rays when you can’t avoid stepping out during the day. Also, try to cover as much body as you could for effective skin care.

4.      Exercise

This is your one solution for all skin problems. Just take out one hour every day and sweat it out. It will help you lose that extra fat, get in shape and improve blood flow. This is what helps keep you looking young and fresh.

5.      Avoid Using Chemicals

Using a blush, concealer, foundation or mousse might make you look good for the evening but will eventually take their toll on your skin. No matter how expensive or renowned the brand is, it will always have some side effects. This doesn’t mean you should completely give up on them. Use these products but only for special occasions and practice good skin care at all other times.


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