Out, damn (chocolate) spot!

Chocolate can leave behind tell-tale signs. Here’s how you clean it out of your clothes.

Ah, the sweet caress of chocolate against the tongue! There is nothing more pleasurable than a bar of chocolate on a cold winter’s night, or a square of it after a tiring day at work. Nobody should feel guilty about eating a little chocolate every day – after all, it is a mood enhancer and it is also good for the body!

But if there’s one thing that absolutely annoys you about chocolate, it is that it leaves the most terrible stains on your clothes. You will have noticed this by now – chocolate dropped on the clothes leaves a permanent brownish or yellowish mark. This problem is most common with children’s clothes, because our precious tiny humans tend to wipe their sticky, chocolatey hands on their clothes! Washing the clothes at once does not erase the marks completely.

So do you raise a white flag in surrender to chocolate stains? Or is there a way to rid your clothes of chocolate stains forever? There is, and we outline it below:

Get the chocolate out by hand. If chocolate has been spilled on the clothes, get a spoon and scrape off the excess without rubbing the chocolate into the fabric. If the chocolate has been spilled some time ago and has now dried up, apply some liquid detergent to the area and let it set for a while so that it may break up the dried chocolate without spreading it. Scrape off gently with a knife.

Rinse out the clothing. Turn the clothing inside out and flush with running water so that the chocolate stain does not set through the cloth’s fibres.

Soak the garment. Fill half a bucket with warm water (not hot) and add a scoop of stain removing powder to the water. Mix well and soak the stained garment in it for minimum one hour. The stain removing powder gets to work on the chocolate residue and stain left behind on the garment.

Wash as usual. Now take the soaked garment and wash it in the washing machine. To make sure that all of the stain is gone, you can add a scoop of stain removing powder to the clothing load. Once this step is done, you will have pristine clothes without the trace of a chocolate stain.

You may be out of doors when a chocolate accident takes place with your clothes. The first thing to do when you spill chocolate on yourself is to blot out the chocolate using a clean tissue paper or a white cloth. Do not rub the cloth, simply blot the chocolate out. You can then follow the steps outlined above to clean out the chocolate stain.


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