4 Successful Ways to Revitalize Yourself to the Extreme

“Self-care is not about self-indulgence, it’s about self-preservation.” ~ Audrey Lorde.

Medical professionals, physicians and therapists have greatly emphasized the need for self-care and relaxation techniques not only to take care of yourself mentally but also physically. Relaxation techniques can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, slow down the heart rate, thereby lowering fatigue, anger and frustration. It gives you the greater strength to handle life’s challenges.

Sometimes, these techniques mean doing the things you love to do anyway but haven’t had the time for due to a hectic schedule. One cannot emphasize enough the need to take time out at least once a fortnight, if not every week, to spend some “me-time”, regardless of whether you want a day at the spa with bikini area hair removal or a shopping spree.

Effective Ways of Spending Quality ME Time

  1. Nothing Can Be Better Than Shopping

Shopping always works for women, no matter how stressed they are, unless the problem is money related, of course! But remember, retail therapy doesn’t mean spending every penny of your savings to feel better, since an empty bank account will only add to the stress. Don’t think of groceries or household needs, look at those alluring outfits, shoes, handbags, makeup and then some more of shoes. After all, one can never have enough shoes!

  1. Enjoy a Beauty Day

If you’re not someone who likes to spend a fortune on salons for skin and hair treatments, then pamper yourself at home using some easily available ingredients. Give yourself a foot massage with warm oil or give yourself a facial done using simple items from the kitchen like milk and honey. Hair removal is an important part of our grooming regimen and if you are planning to hit the beach, make sure you also think of bikini area hair removal. Don’t forget to use a good product for sensitive areas, such as Veet Spawax, which gives long lasting results and a professional feel. Give yourself a hair spa, with an oil massage, followed up with a hot towel. Don’t forget to play some music in the background.

  1. Spa Treatment

If you have the time and inclination, then visiting the best spa in your area is a great choice. In that calm environment, with soft music playing though discrete speakers, you might just find the right environment to explore your inner self. The flickering candles add to the ambiance. Consider a full body massage. The feeling of relaxation this offers is beyond description! In case you are unable to visit the spa, a similar environment can be created in your bathroom with candles and rose petals in the bath tub. Don’t forget the music!

  1. Take Yourself Out to Lunch

Tired of cooking for others? It is time to give yourself a treat. It could be at a café near your home or a fine dining restaurant you always wanted to try. Now is the time to shake off those worries and enjoy the lunch, alone or with your girlfriends. At night, enjoy a big jar of rich chocolate ice cream while watching your favourite movie.


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