Toyota Avanza: Incredible Value Features

The Toyota Avanza began life as a mini Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) that was designed by Daihatsu. Toyota is Daihatsu’s parent company and the vehicle is also sold under the brand name Daihatsu Xenia in certain markets, Daihatsu makes the Avanza for Toyota under an OEM agreement.

Equally comfortable on rural road conditions as it is on the urban tarmac, the Avanza offers five door access and can comfortably seat seven people (two in the front row, three in the middle and two in the third row of seats). For 2016, the vehicle comes in two variants, the standard and the more up-market XL. Let’s take a look at these two offerings from one of the most reputed manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, before checking out the Avanza price list.

The Two Variants Compared

Both models come with a four-cylinder 1.5 liter engine that puts out 103 ps at 4,400 rpm. This translates into a generous torque figure of 136 Nm at 4,400 rpm. What is different between the two variants is the fuel consumption figures with the standard model, offering a negligible kilometer more than the XL version. This is undoubtedly caused by the 4-speed automatic transmission that comes with the XL, but is an option on the standard model. Both versions are rear wheel drive and come with power steering.

The XL sports 15-inch diameter alloys instead of the standard’s 14-inch steel wheels. Other exterior differences include a chrome grill on the front and chrome trimmings on the back door and a rear window wiper. The XL also comes equipped with OEM rear sensors and a front fog lamp, all the features that make it totally worth the numbers you see on the Avanza price list.

The luxury version also has a multi-information display and has a 6-speaker CD player and radio, instead of 4 speakers in the standard. The audio controls are mounted on the steering wheel in the luxury version.

While the vehicle has competition from rivals in the Saudi Arabian motor vehicle market, it stands out as it is made in Indonesia. It has gained an equitable response from the market when compared to US-made vehicles sold in Saudi Arabia, as reported on the Indonesian news website

Meanwhile, in other news, Autoblog reported that Toyota and Daihatsu have inked an agreement to make Daihatsu a completely owned subsidiary of Toyota. The reason behind this agreement is to develop a strategy to introduce jointly-manufactured small cars by combining and sharing technology and using the other firm’s operations base in emerging markets of the world.



Which are the Best Trucks in Saudi Arabia?

Toyota has proven its position as the manufacturer of the best built cars once again. Toyota bagged two prestigious awards in the Middle East Car of the Year Awards (MECOTY) 2016. The award-winning models were the ‘Best Midsize Truck’ for the Toyota Hilux and the ‘Best Midsize Sedan’ for the Camry. These awards were based on the ruling of a jury of a dozen automobile journalists from leading publications in the region.

Hilux Voted Best Truck in Midsize Segment

The reason for the automobile manufacturer’s success in the Middle East is no doubt due to its reputation for quality, durability and reliability that has been built over decades and the new Hilux utility truck is no exception. This is the eighth generation Hilux on sale, and while earlier versions concentrated on its rugged performance and strength, the new version has improved its existing standards of passenger comfort and the driving experience.

Toyota is no stranger to expanding the envelope on its vehicles. Despite having a winner in the best truck category in the Hilux, the company threw its existing plans for an upgrade out of the window in 2009 and introduced an all new version despite being half-way through its earlier development program.

Available in an option of single and double cabins, with a choice of 2 or 2.7 litre petrol and 2.4 litre diesel engine variants, the improved transmission has improved fuel efficiency by 15% and is, of course, available in both 2WD and 4WD. The eighth generation vehicle also sports what Toyota calls its ‘Keen Look’ design philosophy. Physically translated, this design approach is responsible for the slim projector headlights and the interiors that have a centrally-positioned console and AC vents.

Strong Reputation, Stronger Engineering

Over the years, the Hilux has gathered quite a few achievements and feats to its credit. It was the first automobile to reach the magnetic north pole in 2007. The event was promoted as the Hilux Artic Challenge by Toyota and featured in Top Gear, the popular BBC automobile TV show.

In two of the episodes of the same show, a Hilux was subjected to the most destructive tests imaginable, including being driven into walls, set on fire, hit by a wrecking ball, washed into the Bristol Channel and even placed on the roof of a building that was demolished. In all this destruction, the Hilux was simply cleaned, given minor repairs and no replacement of parts and could still be driven. Not one to rest on its laurels, a modified Hilux was the first four-wheel drive vehicle to be driven from a Russian Scientific outpost in Antarctica to the geographic south pole and back.

Considering that the Hilux model first came to life in 1968 and still rules mid-sized truck sales around the world, its awards and accolades as the best truck are well-deserved indeed.

5 Reasons to Own a Toyota Hilux

Since 1968, the Toyota Hilux has been building a reputation for being indestructible and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Here we look at some of the achievements of this incredible vehicle and what makes it so popular all over the world.

1.  Top Gear Assassination Attempt

Hard to believe but in one of the episodes of the BBC automobile TV show, Top Gear, they actually tried to destroy a Hilux. They took a second-hand vehicle and hit it with a wrecking ball, put it on top of a building that was being demolished, let it get washed out to sea and set fire to it. End result: the truck started with simple repairs using the toolkit supplied with the vehicle. See for yourself at the official BBC YouTube channel.

2.  North Pole to South Pole Reputation

Top Gear also took a 2005 model to the magnetic North Pole, making it the first automobile to reach the ‘top of the world’ with only minor modifications, such as larger wheels and oil sump guard. Then in 2008, it was selected as the support vehicle for the Amundsen Omega 3 Pole Race to the South Pole, where it proved to be stiff competition to the arctic Snow Cats, and funnily enough, a sled pulled by huskies.

3.  Active Traction Control (A-TRC)

Used for a number of heavy-duty applications in deserts, mountains, snow and places where no road can go is the active traction control. This system is activated when any of the wheels are slipping or losing grip and applies braking to the errant wheel. This also helps transfer torque to the wheels that are in contact with the surface and keeps the vehicle moving forward.

4.  Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)

Imagine you have parked on a slope. As you turn the ignition on and engage the clutch, to your horror, the vehicle starts to roll backwards, down the slope. With HAC, the brakes are applied for a few vital seconds that it takes for the throttle to be applied, from then the forward momentum of the engine takes over. So, with the Toyota Hilux, there is no question of rolling backwards, unwanted.

5.  Vehicular Stability Control (VSC)

Along with ABS and the aforementioned A-TRC, the VSC controls any oversteer and understeer symptoms exhibited by the vehicle. Tiny electronic sensors apply little amounts of braking to individual wheels to keep the truck on track in turns without swinging too wide or tight.


A favorite with some of the most discerning customers and guaranteed to handle the rough with the smooth, the Toyota Hilux is clearly the best truck on the market to own.

How to Find the Best Prices for Trucks

Saudi Arabia is a country dominated by deserts and rocky terrains. Except for in the major cities, the land and roads are pretty uneven and rough. So, buying a vehicle in such conditions will be unlike buying one elsewhere. The best travel companions in the country are considered to be SUVs, pickup trucks or other bigger vehicles that are built with off-road features in mind. Unfortunately, for expats in the country, owning a pickup truck or any type of carriage vehicle is not an option as the law doesn’t permit this. So, they will have to stick to hatchbacks and sedans or even the larger SUVs, if they have a family of more than five members.

For those who can own trucks in the country, there are various factors to be kept in mind while buying a truck. Finding the best prices for trucks is one of them.

Factors to consider while buying a truck

Toyota has lot of options to choose from when it comes to trucks and other large vehicles. The new version of the legendary Hilux, with single cab and double cab is one of them.

The Toyota Hiace range has got it covered if you need to transport passengers or goods in a multi-seat bus. And if you need to go even bigger, there is the Toyota Coaster, which is a modern bus that has evolved to be an extraordinarily efficient people mover.

Considering the best prices for trucks, Toyota is the one that gives the best value for money deals. With the features included in these bigger carriers, they are the best bet for a comfortable and safe journey on and off road in Saudi Arabia.

Here are some more factors to keep in mind while making a purchase:

  • Taking the terrain into account, a 4×4 is one feature to look for and the Toyota Hilux, Land Cruiser, etc, come with this feature and that to at value for money prices.
  • Also consider the availability of spare parts when considering the price because that can add to the maintenance cost of the vehicle.
  • Any vehicle that is going to be driven frequently or for long hauls should be durable. Therefore, check the reputation of the brand and model before making a choice.
  • For those who want to finance their car payments, checking the options available for loans and the repayment schedule should be the first thing to do. Base you choice of vehicle on affordable repayment options.
  • Another important factor to consider is the resale value. When you plan to change your vehicle, your current automobile should fetch the best resale value. The same is true if you are buying a pre-owned truck. When it is your turn to sell it, the resale value should be worthwhile for you. One brand that is known for its resale value is Toyota. The trucks last longer and fetch a good price in the resale market.

Avanza Price List And Detailed Specs

Price Guide: Toyota Avanza

Japanese automaker, Toyota, enjoys a 35 percent share of the Saudi Arabian market, according to Takayuki Yoshitsugu, chief representative of Toyota Motor Corporation in the Middle East and North Africa, in an interview to Arab News in March 2016. Toyota is a favourite in the Saudi market, mainly because of its high-end cars that are available at affordable prices. The auto maker offers vehicles under four different categories: passenger, vans, SUVs and commercial. The vans offered by this brand are in high demand mainly due to the fact that they pack in the stylish features of an SUV while coming in sizes that easily fit in small parking spaces. The brand offers three models under this segment: The Avanza, Innova and Previa.

The All New Avanza 2016

If you are looking for a minivan, then Toyota Avanza may just be the right choice. The Avanza price list makes it a preferred choice for families looking forward to a comfortable ride, along with ample luggage storage, at an affordable price. This vehicle was first launched in Saudia Arabia in 2014 and its launch was no less than a revolutionary move in the MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) section. It is a practical model that has a crossover-like design between an SUV and MPV. Two updated version have been launched since 2014; one in 2015 and the latest being the Avanza 2016. Before you go and check the Avanza price list, you must know more about its features.

Engine Specifications and Performance

This is a five door minivan that can easily accommodate seven people. Depending on the number of people and luggage capacity, you can also change the seating arrangement to create more space for luggage. The 2016 model is powered by a 1.5 litre four cylinder RWD (rear wheel drive) engine, which comes mated with 4-speed automatic transmission gearbox or 5-speed manual transmission. The engine is capable of producing a maximum output and torque of 102hp and 136Nm, respectively. The offers provide acceleration from 0 to 100km/h in 13.6 seconds and top speed of 180km/h.

Exterior and Interiors

The exteriors are characterised by the 15” alloy wheels, bumpers at both the front and rear end, chrome plated radiator grille, electronic mirrors, front fog lamps, halogen headlamps and rear spoilers. The notable features on the inside are the fabric seats, cup holders, foldable rear seats, rear air conditioner with controls and window defogger.

Comfort and Safety

The model is also high on comfort and safety, thanks to the audio control on the steering, central locking system, ABS (anti-lock brake system), anti-theft alarm and more. The travelling experience is enhanced with its fully equipped infotainment system, which includes 6 speakers, MP3 player, Bluetooth interface, radio and USB connections.

أفضل 6 خيارات من سيارات تويوتا للدفع الرباعي في المملكة العربية السعودية

يمكنكم الاختيار من بين مجموعة متنوعة من سيارات تويوتا للدفع الرباعي المتوفرة في السعودية، فبالإضافة إلى جميع ميزاتها الأخرى، تشتمل جميع سيارات تويوتا للدفع الرباعي على ميزات سلامة وأمان متميزة مثل، نظام المكابح المانع للانغلاق، ونظام التوقف الذكي، ونظام توزيع قوة الكبح إلكترونيًا، ووسائد هوائية للسائق والراكب الأمامي، ونظام وسائد هوائية خلفية إضافية لحماية الركاب، ونظام التحكم بثبات المركبة، ونظام معطل للمحرك مانع للسرقة. جميع سيارات الدفع الرباعي من تويوتا أيضًا تحتوي على أحدث تكنولوجيا النظام الصوتي، مع راديو FM، ومشغل أقراص CD، ونظام تشغيل ملفات MP3، ومقبس USB، وبعض الموديلات أيضًا على مشغل DVD مثبت في سقف المقصورة للترفيه عن الركاب في المقاعد الخلفية.

موديلات سيارات الدفع الرباعي من تويوتا

  1. لاندكرور

يعتبر لاندكروزر سيارة تويوتا الكلاسيكية التي تتسع من ثمانية حتى تسعة ركاب، وهو ملك الصحراء والدفع الرباعي بلا منازع، بقوته وأدائه وميزاته التكنولوجية المتفوقة. يأتي لاندكروزر بمحرك 6 أسطوانات على شكل V، أو بمحرك 8 أسطوانات على شكل V مع ناقل حركة ذو 5 أو 6 سرعات أوتوماتيكي، وذلك حسب الموديل المختار. أما مكيفه القوي فيؤمن الراحة والانتعاش لجميع الركاب بكل سهولة.

  1. رادو

هي سيارة العائلة المفضلة ذات السبع مقاعد، وهي السيارة المثالية للقيادة براحة وأمان سواء داخل شوارع المدينة أم على الطرق الخارجية والصحراوية. تأتي برادو بمحركي بنزين 2.7 لتر ذو 4 أسطوانات، و بمحرك سعة 4 لتر ذو 6 أسطوانات، أو بمحرك ديزل سعة 3 لترات ذو 4 أسطوانات، مع ناقل حركة أوتوماتيكي أو يدوي حسب الموديل المختار. تتميز مقصورتها بمقاعدها المريحة الرحبة، ويمكن طي مقاعدها الخلفية للحصول على مساحة تحميل أكبر، كما تحتوي المقصورة على صندوق تبريد مدمج بين المقاعد الأمامية لحفظ المشروبات باردة.

  1. سيكويا

وفيها محرك فائق القوة سعة 5.7 لتر ذو 8 أسطوانات على شكلV، وتتسع بكل راحة وأناقة لثمانية ركاب، وقم تم تجهيز هذه السيارة بنظام ملاحة متطور وبمتحسسات توقف أمامية وخلفية، كذلك تتميز مقصورتها برحابتها وبصندوق التبريد، ونظام التكييف القوي جدًا.

  1. فورتشنر

هذه السيارة قوية ومتعددة الاستخدامات وهي سيارة المدينة الأنيقة ومركبة الطرق الوعرة على السواء. تأتي بمحرك قياسي سعة 2.7 لتر ذو 4 أسطوانات، وتتميز بمقصورتها الداخلية الرحبة، ومقاعدها السبعة المريحة والفخمة، وبنظام تكييف فائق القوة.

  1. إف جيه كروزر

يجعل تصميم إف جيه كروزر الجريء منها مركبة حقيقية معدة لمغامرات ورحلات الطرق الخارجية والوعرة. هذه المركبة ذات الدفع الرباعي من تويوتا تأتي بمحرك سعة 4 لترات ذو 6 أسطوانات وبنظام دفع رباعي، كما يعني وجود خزاني وقود فيها قدرتها على القيادة لمسافات طويلة، ويتميز محركها بتكنولوجيا نظام الصملمات المتغير الذكي الذي يضمن كفاءتها واقتصاديتها في استهلاك الوقود.

  1. راف فور

سيارة كروس اوفر ذات دفع رباعي، مصممة للراحة والمرح ومتعة القيادة. تأتي بمحرك سعة 2.5 لتر ذو 4 أسطوانات وكفاءة عالية في استهلاك الوقود، وضجيج منخفض، وهي مصممة لتوفر الراحة والفخامة عند القيادة، بالإضافة غلى مقاعدها الجلدية الوثيرة

تويوتا هايلكس: شاحنة البيك أب الرائعة

تعتبر تويوتا هايلكس من بين أفضل الشاحنات ذات الغمارتين في السوق، وتتميز بهيكلها الخارجي الفائق القوة المصنوع من الصلب عالي الشد، وبمقصورتها الداخلية الأنيق التي لا تضاهى. تم تصميم هايلكس للعمل الشاق وأيضا للراحة. تتميز هايلكس الجديدة بكونها أطول وأوسع، والأفضل في فئتها لحجمها، كما يضيف الشبك الأمامي المنخفض على شكل شبه منحرف إليها مظهرًا قويًا  ونظرة قاسية، ولكن لديه أيضا استخدامات عملية، مثل تبريد المحرك وسهولة السحب. تم في هايلكس الجديدة أيضا زيادة مساحة المقصورة لراحة جميع الركاب وخاصة لركاب المقاعد الخلفية، ولاتقل عوامل الراحة والرفاهية أهمية عن أدائها القوي وهيكلها المتين..


مميزات بيك أب تويوتا هايلكس غمارتين

  1. تأتي تويوتا هايلكس بمجموعة متنوعة من المواصفات، مثل نظام الدفع الثنائي ونظام الدفع الرباعي، ويتراوح حجم المحرك من 2.4 لتر حتى 4 لتر مع نظام نقل حركة يدوي أو أوتوماتيكي ذو 5 أو 6 سرعات ويمكن اختيار محرك بنزين أو ديزل حسب الرغبة. ابتكرت تويوتا محرك ديزل جديد D-4D أو ما يسمى محرك الحقن المباشر 4 أشواط، بتقنية صمام الضخ الموحد. تم تصميم هذا المحرك ليولد قوة أكبر وأداء أعلى جنبًا غلى جنب كفاءته العالية في استهلاك الوقود. يعتبر محرك الديزل اختيارًا جيدًا لمن يقودون سياراتهم لمسافات طويلة بشكل متواصل، مع حمولات كبيرة، أو يعملون على التلال والطرق الوعرة. تعتبر محركات الديزل أكثر اقتصادية من محركات البنزين من حيث التكلفة لأنها تستهلك كمية أقل من الوقود، وتبعث كمية أقل من غاز ثاني اوكسيد الكربون بالمقارنة مع محركات البنزين.
  2. تميز هيكل تويوتا هايلكس الخارجي بوجود الاشرطة الجانبية، وواقيات الطين الخلفية، ووجود مصابيح هالوجين أمامية في جميع الموديلات، ومصابيح ضباب خلفية، تأتي بعض الموديلات أيضًا مع مصابيح ضباب أمامية، وللأبواب مقابض كروم.
  1. تحتوي تويوتا هايلكس على جميع الملحقات المطلوبة كي تجعل من قيادتها مريحة وممتعة. يوجد في هايلكس نظام صوتي بما فيه راديو، ومشغل اسطوانات CD، ومقبس USB، كما يوجد في بعض الموديلات مفاتيح تحكم بالصوت مثبتة على المقود. أما نظام التكييف العالي الكفاءة من تويوتا فيلبي أعلى معايير صناعة السيارات، ليوفر لكم قيادة ورحلات مريحة مهما كان الجو حارًا في الخارج.
  1. م تصميم وتصنيع تويوتا هايلكس مع أخذ السلامة التامة للسائق والركاب بعين الاعتبار، فجميع الموديلات تأتي بنظام المكابح المانعة للانغلاق، مع نظام توزيع قوة الكبح إلكترونيًا. كذلك تم تزويد جميع الموديلات بمكابح قرصية أمامية، ومكابح أسطوانية خلفية، مع باقة سلامة. وغلى جانب الوسادة الهوائية للسائق الموجودة في جميع الموديلات، تحتوي بعض الموديلات أيضًا على وسادة هوائية للراكب الأمامي، ووسائد على مستوى الركبة.