Say Good Bye to Hair Fall

Hairs and personality go hand in hand, in fact, it gives a boost to personality. Hairs make you look beautiful and hair loss can ruin the beauty. Be it, men or women, hair fall is surely going to make you look older. A healthy hair boosts up the confidence and doubles the personality. These days at the age of 20-21 youth is facing hair loss problems. The reason for this may be unhealthy diet or not taking essential vitamins in the body. It must be noted that the all the tensions that a person takes first effects hairs and make them unhealthy. Natural ways of hair care are hardly effective but takes a lot of time. Moreover, they provide a temporary solution. It’s a world of technology and everything is possible. Be it thin hairs, unhealthy hairs, falling hairs or be it any problem related to hairs all have a permanent solution. Hair loss solution’s offered by experts’ works on systematic studies providing a permanent solution to the problem. There are many kinds of hair loss solutions which help in regrowth of hairs and are FDA approved.


Medical treatments regarding hair loss-

  • Finasteride– Basically, it is the most effective drug related to hair loss. In this treatment, a hormone is inhibited into the hairs to kill the growth of hair killing hormone. After the injection of this drug the hair killing hormone called as DTH comes to an end resulting in hair growth and flawless hairs. It makes hair thick and improves the growth of hairs.
  • Ketoconazole- This treatment is based on shampoo like a solution. It focuses on keeping scalp away from fungus and other harmful bacteria. It works just like a shampoo; an individual needs to wash two times a week. The best fact about this treatment is you can use until you want to and has very few side effects.
  • Hair transplant- This is the most effective treatment and has wonderful results. In a hair transplant, hairs from one side of the head are taken and are put on the bald area of the head. It must be noted that all the hairs are not prone to baldness. In the case of baldness hair transplant also known as surgical hair growth must be opted and provide excellent results.
  • Follicular unit transplant- It is also called as strip hair removal. It has a proper systematic procedure. Hairs from the back are applied to the crown area and implanted. After that, the wound is stitched.
  • Steam cell FUE- It is one of the latest methods for hair loss removal. It is very effective and is considered one of the quickest methods. It implants hairs only on the area required and then helps in regrowth. The only thing which creates a problem is the availability of donor’s Hair loss treatment is possible at expert’s clinic and has wonderful results. Implantation is done is such a way that it provides natural look only and not an artificial one.

A Permanent Solution for Unwanted Facial Hairs

Laser hair removal or permanent hair reduction has brought smiles to the faces of billions of people. It’s not easy to shave unwanted hairs every time and take appointment every time for waxing. People have to say no to instant party plans because of those unwanted facial hairs. These hairs create a lot of problems and lower down the confidence. Healthy and hair free skin is the right of every individual and no-one likes to have those hairs. It’s a world of technology and everything is possible today. Stop thinking that there is no solution for facial hairs as now a days there is a permanent solution in the form of laser hair removal.

What is laser hair removal?

If we go the past decade and see the problems related to skin, they truly have no solutions to its but modern technology has got everything and has a solution to all the problems. Laser hair removal is the most modern way to say good bye to the problems related to facial hairs which are carried out with the help of laser beam. This laser beam destroys the cells of the unwanted hairs. It takes a few sittings depending upon the hair growth. For example- if the hairs are soft it takes about 5-6 sittings and in the case of bushy hairs, it takes 6-8 sittings. These cells are burnt till the time they stop growing and therefore a solution for a lifetime.

There are many benefits of laser hair removal.  Let’s have a look at few benefits-

  • Painless and Reasonable: Laser hair removal is painless as anaesthesia cream is applied before treatment. In the case of very sensitive skin, it may cause a mild pain. Also, this therapy is not that costly. It is reasonable and costs around 35000-40000. An expert who is ethical must opt who is less interested in making money and more in providing solutions.
  • Saves a lot of time- It happens in no time and solution is long lasting. One just needs to complete a number of sittings and whole procedure in few weeks. All the time wasted waiting in the parlour and writhing in pain can be eliminated permanently.
  • Permanent solution- It’s a permanent solution to all the problems as once the therapy is done there will be no growth. People suffering from PCOS with dominant testosterone should consider laser therapy.

Some important points related to this therapy-

  • Best expert in the city should be chosen
  • Quality over price should be considered
  • All the precautions like avoiding direct sunlight, application of medicine must be followed
  • Before getting the treatment details like price of treatment, sitting and everything should be discussed in detail

Therefore one must opt for an ethical expert who solves the problem related to skin and best centre suitable to your pocket. Laser hair removal in Dubai solves all the problems related to skin and is best in laser hair removal therapy.

Organic Facts About Coconut Hair Oil That You Must Know

Coconut oil has been in use since the ancient times and people apply it on the skin and hair due to its health benefits. When you apply coconut oil for hair, you get back the shine and bounce but this oil has other health benefits as well.

You have probably heard this many times and coconut oil helps in improving blood circulation as it reaches the hair follicles and the scalp. When it penetrates deep into the roots, the scalp absorbs all nutrients that are present in coconut hair oil. Hydrating the strands of the hair becomes easy when you massage your hair with this oil regularly. What makes this oil popular and what are its components? Coconut oil contains lauric acid that attaches itself to the protein present in the hair and protects it from breakage and damage. The presence of triglyceride chain and fat makes it an ideal product that prevents the scalp from drying and the protective covering on the root protects your hair as well.

Things to know

When it comes to coconut oil for hair, it makes your tresses shiny and healthy due to its natural components. Your hair may often become dry when you do not take proper care of your hair and it becomes frizzy at times. Moisturizing your hair becomes necessary under such circumstances and applying coconut oil for hair is a prominent solution. It is effective in maintaining the balance of protein content in your hair and stops the loss of proteins which leads to healthy growth of hair. The good thing about this oil is that it has been clinically proven as safe for people of all ages including children.

Problem of dandruff

The benefits of coconut oil have been discovered by people across the globe and it is no wonder that it is used extensively for remedial purposes. Although coconut trees grow abundantly in the tropical countries, it is also found in other countries such as in the UK and US. Dry hair often leads to dandruff and the fat content of coconut oil can help in moisturizing the hair and dandruff can be eliminated with regular application. This oil is usually considered for topical application and provides nourishment from the strands to the roots. With coconut oil for hair, you can expect hair regrowth as this product has shown magnificent results for protecting and healing damaged hair.

Healthy hair naturally

Many people are not aware of the cooling effects of coconut hair oil and it is particularly applicable to those with severe sweating in the hair. The high moisture retaining capacity of this hair oil makes it especially beneficial for hair. Moisture escape becomes inevitable when you remain out of doors for long hours. However, with coconut oil for hair, you can finally say goodbye to dry and frizzy hair.

Protection from lice and styling

While coconut oil can be applied on hair at any time, it is effective when lice attack your hair and its roots. Although there are several chemical products that are available in the market that are believed to provide protection from lice, the organic properties of this hair oil is more effective in eliminating lice and prevents it from coming back again. Styling your hair is possible with the application of coconut oil as it spreads put on the hair evenly. On the whole, the organic properties of coconut hair oil make it more popular among the users.

Get rid of your body hair permanently

Laser treatments work well with body hair – the results are fairly permanent and the hair comes back sparse.

Smooth skin with no hair on it is a delight to behold. Every time you wax your arms and legs, you feel like touching your skin over and over again. Hairless skin looks glossy and clear, and it creates an instant good impression as well. Naturally, every woman tries her best to remove her body hair because it looks inappropriate and ugly.

But it is irksome to thread, shave, tweeze, wax, bleach and do myriad other things to remove unwanted body hair every few days. Instead, why not opt for a permanent fix? Imagine a treatment that removes hair forever…so you don’t need to ever bother about body hair again! This is possible if you opt for laser hair removal. It is a painless procedure that does not cause scarring or injury. In the hands of an experienced dermatologist, laser hair removal is the best possible method to remove body hair.

How it is done. The treatment involves lasers and cooling techniques to soothe the skin during and after the treatment. Hair is removed painlessly from the root so that it does not come back. A laser beam is shot right at the root of the hair to help its easy removal. This treatment does not damage the skin, though it might become a little tender to the touch. The actual hair is removed painlessly after the laser beam directs controlled heat to burn the hair at the root. The beam might be a localised one that pinpoints a small patch of skin at a time, or a wide swathe of light that covers a large patch of skin at once.

Why is it effective? The dermatologist will take care to see that the skin is not harmed with the laser hair removal treatment. Using cooling pads to numb the skin and protect it from heat damage is crucial. Since the hair is weeded out from the roots, it does not return for months at a time. This frees you from the chore of booking yourself for frequent hair removal appointments at your salon.

Post-treatment care. Your skin might be a little sore or slightly inflamed after the procedure. Most women report no side-effects to the treatment at all. However, you must take utmost care of your skin after the procedure. Apply a moisturiser approved by the dermatologist every day, and do not expose the skin to direct sunlight for at least two weeks. Showering with cold water is best, as is wearing soft cotton clothes so that you do not irritate the skin. The dermatologist will schedule a follow-up session after a few weeks to monitor the progress of the procedure. You can ask for an appointment if your skin is irritable, sore, red or painful to the touch even two weeks after the procedure.

5 Essentials Vitamins for Hair Growth

                 5 Essentials Vitamins for Hair Growth

A balanced diet is known as the diet which is essential for a person’s living. Vitamins, carbohydrates, mineral, fats and proteins comprise the balanced diet. No person can stay healthy without taking a proper diet; body tends to shrink, weaknesses in body starts, aches and pains are like a daily dose. The worst effect of a bad diet is on the hair, it tends to lose its volume, length starts to shed and all a person is left is baldness.

Hair being the most essential part of the human body needs proper care and diet. It requires adequate quantity of all the elements of the diet on a daily basis; from proteins to minerals a proper quantity is important to keep them healthy.

Vitamins are vital nutrients necessary for a human body to keep the immunity rock strong, so as for the hair. Vitamins for Hair are necessary to keep them shinier, thicker, and softer, hamper hair growth and repair the damaged hair.

Essential Vitamins to be added in the daily diet for maintaining the health of hair are:

  • Vitamin C: It is known for the immunity and as an antioxidant. By using the products rich in vitamin C enhances hair growth and make them stronger, giving a beautiful and amazed look to the hair.
  • B Vitamins: It is not just Vitamin B, but a group of vitamins clubbed under this vitamin, are known for giving the best result in making the hair long by using them in daily products and proper diet.
  • Vitamin E: This vitamin is the secret formula for the healthy scalp and growth. This works as a multivitamin source for improvements. Adding more and more of this vitamin in the diet as well as using shampoos and conditioners, gives the hair a rich and strong feeling.
  • Vitamin A: Hair along with all the repairing and growth vitamins, need a vitamin which is antioxidant in nature. This vitamin serves the purpose for the same and is a must to keep an eye upon. Lack of vitamin A causes many physical problems which can be easily solved by taking precautionary food items full of vitamin A and then be ready pay adieu to unhealthy hair.
  • Vitamin D: Many people face a problem where hair follicles stop to grow or grow at a very slow pace, leading to lesser growth and more damage. This is the result of lack of vitamin D in the body. To recover, one must take sun bath as much as possible and use products containing Vitamin D, thus generating proper follicles and fast growth.

Source of getting these Vitamins:

  • Vitamin C: Kiwi, Broccoli, Capsicum, Fresh Fruits etc.
  • B Vitamins: Legumes, Potato, Grains, Bananas etc.
  • Vitamin E: Green Vegetables, Nuts, Sunflower Seeds, Avocados etc.
  • Vitamin A: Sweet Potato, Carrot, Spinach, Squash etc.
  • Vitamin D: Egg yolk, Seafood, Cheese, Soy Products etc.

So, to conclude, Vitamins are the life source for healthy hair, increasing its intake increases health.

How Doctors Treat Hair Loss

The loss of your hair can be a crippling embarrassment, especially if you are young. You might need to undergo a cosmetic treatment to restore your hair.

A head of thick, shiny hair…a curtain of lustrous locks that swish from side to side…everybody desires healthy, thick hair that catches the light. But many of us do not have the hair of our dreams. We stare longingly at the shining manes of fashion models on TV or in magazines, wondering how we too can get such excellent hair.

Many of us also battle constant hair loss. Despite our best efforts – good diet, exercise, regular oil massages – our hair seems to be constantly leaving our scalp. Just one shower can result in a lot of our precious hair circling the drain. After a point, it seems like there is no end to your hair woes and you consult a doctor for your troubles.

The doctor will recommend hair loss treatments based on the type and extent of hair loss.

Topical medication. The most common type of hair loss is alopecia, which can be full or partial in extent. It is largely curable with a change in diet and lifestyle, apart from topical application of certain medication to boost hair growth. The hair loss is first arrested by strengthening the hair roots, then new hair growth is encouraged with medication and diet. The medication may be in the form of a lotion or oil that the person must rub onto the scalp to stimulate new hair growth.

Surgical treatment. The doctor may recommend a surgical hair loss treatment if you have large swathes of hairless areas on your head. This is done only after ascertaining that the hair follicles in these bald areas are either dead or too weak to grow new hair; however, the skin has the potential to accept a graft. Thus, the doctor will transplant a small patch of skin from the thigh or back (and which already contains active hair follicles) and fix it over the bald area. Once the skin accepts this transplant, it allows natural hair growth in that area. Another treatment is to ‘weave’ hair onto the bald patch, but this hair does not grow later.

Laser treatment. A low intensity laser beam is used on the bald areas of the head for a few minutes at a time. This hair loss treatment is said to stimulate the scalp and aid increased blood circulation. It also activates the tired hair roots and promotes new hair growth. It is not a widely used method and a trained technician or doctor are needed to administer the laser beam.

Hair loss is also caused by stress, illness, antibiotic usage, lack of sleep and a poor diet. Normally, enhanced blood circulation to the scalp is known to arrest hair loss. This is why most people suffering hair loss are advised to undergo regular oil massages to stimulate the scalp into growing stronger, thicker hair.

Raise Your Arm If You Know This

Did you know that the first hair removal cream was said to have been made in 3000BC with arsenic trisulfide, quicklime and starch? Ancient Egyptian women were said to have made this paste on their arms and legs in order to adhere to the beauty mandates of the time. However, a trend that has survived through centuries is not just an unaltered beauty standard, but also a hygiene practice. Given that the Middle Eastern climate is conducive to propagation of bacteria and transfer of germs, it has been a stringent practice to remove body hair since ancient times to reduce chances of infections. Underarm hair removal for instance, in hotter climates is imperative as it prevents sweat from getting trapped in the hair and lessens chances of skin irritation. Given the sensitivity of the area, one needs to careful about one’s choice of depilatory technique.

Facts About Underarm Hair Removal

  • Hair in the underarm region grows in two different directions. Therefore you need to remove it in two different stages for each different direction of growth, no matter what your method.
  • When you shave your underarm hair, 1/3 of what is in your razor is the top layer of skin. Although the skin rejuvenates itself naturally, regular shaving can result in damaged skin with minute nicks and cuts that can cause skin irritation.
  • Shaving and plucking can lead to darkening of skin under the arm. It can also cause what is known as keratosis pilaris popularly referred to as chicken skin. It is best to avoid these techniques of hair removal in order to prevent damage to the delicate skin.
  • It is important to exfoliate even if you are using a hair removal cream in order to avoid ingrown hair. While one kind of ingrown happen because the hair grows into the skin instead of out of the pore, the other occurs when the follicle grows sideways into the skin due to hardened dead cells blocking the pore. Therefore it is important to exfoliate before underarm hair removal using a gentle loofah.
  • When removing underarm hair with a hair removal cream it is important to choose a quality product such as Veet® Suprem’Essence Hair Removal Cream – Legs & Body – Normal/Dry Skin which is enriched with natural oils and scented with Velvet Rose. Secondly, one must not exceed the application time mentioned in the packaging. It is important to check this for each product as it may differ from one to another.