Dubai Offers Luxurious Yet Environmental-Friendly Accommodation

The UK referendum, or ‘Brexit’ as it is known, was estimated to have a huge impact on the residential and property market all across the globe. With British nationals accounting for one-third of its population, Dubai was expected to face a huge setback too. However, if there was a city in the world that could have taken that blow and still stood firm, it was Dubai. Residential properties in Dubai saw a minor decline of 10% in the first month after the Brexit but was quick to recover.

According to the ValuStart Price Index (VPI), monthly uplifts of 0.8% to 2.8% were recorded for mid-range, high-yielding properties in the country. It was just 0.6% down when compared to the period in 2015. Having survived strong headwinds, there will be no looking back for the city and the housing market is expected to reach new heights in the coming days.

What is on Offer?

  • Solar Panels: While other countries of the world are still dependent on non-renewable resources for electricity and their residents have to pay huge electricity bills, residential properties in Dubai have installed solar panels, which means you don’t have to worry about utility bills anymore. Solar energy can be used to cook food, heat water and more.
  • Greywater Treatment: Often referred to as waste-water, greywater can actually be used for tasks like laundry and toilet flushing. It is a part of the water conservation and sustainable treatment efforts of the city. Residential properties like Shapoorji Pallonji Properties have installed greywater treatment plants for the benefits of their residents.
  • Water Purifiers: Clean drinking water is a big issue across the world and most areas in Dubai have installed water purifiers to make sure that you get clean drinking water and stay fit.
  • LPG Connections: Although the electric cooking range is the new thing in the market, it can put a big hole in your pocket and a dent your monthly living budget. This is where residential properties in Dubai make your life a little more affordable by installing LPG connections in all their apartments.

Why it is a good idea to live here?

  • From relaxation at the beaches to partying in the clubs, Dubai offers to you the perfect lifestyle.
  • The economy of the country is strong and gives you great opportunities to make a good living.
  • It is one of the safest cities in the world, where you can go out at any time.
  • The weather is amazing, especially if you dislike heavy rainfall.
  • The quality of education in the country is outstanding.

Investment Opportunities for Germans in Bahrain

Bahrain is ranked the 12th most open economy worldwide by the Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal’s 2013 Index of Economic Freedom. Bahrain is booming with investment opportunities and is considered to be one of the most preferred destinations when it comes to investment in the entire Gulf region.

Why Invest in Bahrain?

Bahrain’s liberal laws, tax policy incentives, beneficial trading regulations make it a great platform for Germans to invest in bilateral relations between Bahrain and Germany, which dates back to 1972. Efforts have been made time and again to strengthen this relationship through various policy incentives. The Economic Development Board of Bahrain recently organised a delegation in the first half of 2015 to boost trade ties with Germany. Listed below are some of the advantages of the investment opportunities offered by Bahrain.

  • Ease of Access to the Entire Gulf Region – The country enjoys a strategic location and is well connected to the entire gulf region through air, road and sea. It is connected to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, while you can fly to countries, such as Qatar, in less than an hour. Its strategic location provides easy access to the entire gulf market.
  • Highly Favourable Tax Structure – Bahrain boasts a highly favourable tax structure with no personal, corporate or withholding taxes. It has few indirect taxes for private enterprises but allows free repatriation of capital to your home country.
  • Full Ownership – Unlike other gulf countries, Bahrain offers 100 percent ownership of your business enterprise without a local partner or a free zone. Sector specific or company type restrictions may apply, however.
  • Fully liberalised telecommunications sector
  • 100% foreign ownership of business assets and real estate in most sectors.
  • Successful Business Track Record – The country has a track record of 40 years of modern international business economy.
  • Low Costs – The office spaces and other business requirements are available at a fairly low cost in the entire GCC region.
  • Skilled Workforce – The country also boasts one of the most skilled workforces in the GCC region, with a huge percentage of bilingual people. This would translate into lesser expat packages, lowering business costs and eventually expanding investment opportunities.
  • Stable Financial Services – A strong and stable financial structure is in place with the currency pegged against the US dollar. A host of Bahraini and international banks operate across the country.
  • Ease of Visa Approval – New improved visa policies have been put in place, which include issuance of visa electronically or upon arrival, visa extension and the issuance of multiple entry visas for most nationalities.