5 sexual positions for mind blowing orgasms

Sexual life has to be healthy and romantic enough to make both boy and the girl happy and satisfied. For which sexual position plays a major role and provides the effect on love life accordingly. The best position makes both the individuals comfortable as well as satisfied during the process. It’s really important to spice up the love life by trying different kind of positions which can keep your partner happy at the same time help in enjoying each and every moment. Below are some best sexual positions to give a different face to your love life.

  • We all know that doggy style is the best position which most of the men and women prefer these days. This position provides maximum amount of satisfaction to the couple at the same time makes the intercourse a very successful one. As the women is in the doggie position the male organ easily pushes itself inside the female organ.
  • Then next is the very known style known as the T square where the women lies on her back and the male lies over her. The women keeps her leg raised and keeps a gap in between her legs. This position allows the male to see each and every part of the women’s body and enjoy the moment.
  • Then comes the most simpler position when the women sleeps on her face and man lies on her top in a perpendicular position. This helps in penetration of the male organ and also helps in pleasing the women.
  • The next position when couples can try is T position when the women keeps her legs together and turns to one side looking towards the man who spreads his leg and kneels behind the other hip. This is one of the best position which men usually enjoy a lot as it gives them maximum pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Apart from this oral sex is one of the kind which a lot of people like to have. Women enjoy this position a lot which gives out enough sexual satisfaction to the male.

Having intercourse weekly 3 times can give maximum pleasure to the couple. It’s very important to balance the love life and the normal day to day life. Having a hot water bath before going to bed will surely give you the pleasure and urge to have a sexual intercourse. Nowadays most of the people are busy in enjoying their work life and personal life which does not give them the strength to stay back late night in the bed and make love with their partner. This is what gives a lot of gap between a relations. It’s very important to keep aside some time for your sexual life which will keep your relation healthy at the same time keep your health also healthy and satisfied. So give some time to your partner from your hectic day and enjoy the best on the bed.


Add Flavour to Sex Life with Lubes

When it comes to being active in bed, it is important to try something new and different that will add to the flavour. Many people use honey, creams and flavoured condoms that will trigger the act. However, to add more, there are different types of lubricants that can be handy and easy to use. These gels are versatile and even tasty to have. In fact, they come in different fragrance to make the environment more soothing and wild. Why should one use lubes? Well, it makes the session easy, hot and women tend to enjoy more as they get more time to get satisfied.

Flavoured Lubricants:

There are three different types of lubes available in the market: Water based, oil based and silicone. Among all is the water based which is commonly used by the couple. Oil based is super slippery. Silicone lube is the combination of both condom and slippery. With the flavoured option, the couple can enjoy a great time during the climax and with the slippery function add more sensation to the act.

Using Lubes with Toys:

One of the reasons to use toys with lubes is to heighten the pleasurable act and fun. The act helps women to awaken their senses and to be more sensitive throughout the session. That will make them enjoy more and reciprocate in the much hotter way.  Couples enjoy using sex toys during the act because it gives more pleasure during the act and for long hours of pleasure.

Flavoured lubes for anal sex:

The couple who engage in anal sex generally use flavoured lubes to get away with the anal smell. Newbies use flavoured one to make the act smooth and odour free. In fact, many couples avoid anal sex due to infection and pain the act causes. However, with such lubricants it has now become easier and hygiene way to perform the act.

Using lubes while masturbating:

When individuals engage in masturbation, they just go plain. But by adding lubes over the parts will surely enhance the act. Flavoured options can make the act more aromatic resulting to enhance the pleasure.

Using Flavoured Lubes:

The process of using this product is simple and handy. Before the act, pour a dime-sized amount of lube on the palm and rub it over the private parts. Also, apply some over the vaginal opening. Once done with the applying of the cream, start with the act. The user will surely feel the sensation over the part and mind giving the best feeling of pleasure. The lubricant can be applied again if felt to have second climax session.

Before buying or applying it is important to know if your skin is adjustable with the lubricant. Allergy body may bring negative result, thus facing infection over the part. So consult with the expert or visit online sites to know more about these products and how well it can be used. However, these lubricants don’t contain sugar or glycerine to cause infection.

Basic tips to keep a relation healthy and strong

Relationship is one of the strongest and best thing in every person’s life. A couple will always feel proud if their relation goes strong as it gives them immense pleasure in life to have a person’s support always with them. Today you can see most of the people reach till divorce or getting separated for silly reasons which actually takes away all their happiness in life. Extra marital affairs, keeping distance from the partner, harassing or staying out late night are some of the major reasons which bring in a crack in between a relation. So it’s always important to keep the partner happy in every ways which will keep the trust and bonding strong.

Most of the people think that being honest to a sexual relation means just to tell truth to the partner. However real love goes quite deeper than we think. Partners are always possessive so it’s always important to keep their trust and avoid breaking their trust. Below are some things which will help you in keeping the relation strong with your partner and provide the best life ahead

  • Try to be open to your partner which will help in building the bond stronger. Whatever it may be tell him or her which will give you a moral support. A partner’s suggestion will always help you best in life rather than taking suggestion from friends and near ones. Do not make any last minute plans without telling your partner which will surely give out a lot of doubts in their mind. You can always stay open to them which will keep their mind clear.
  • Many times it might happened that you are tired from your daily work or work pressure. Do not throw your anger on your partner rather you can always tell them that you are tired/stressed out or not actually in a mood to have sex. This will keep your partner happy and relaxed. Never do a fake sex it will lead to a worst situation rather than keeping your partner happy.
  • There are a lot of men and women who like to have sex on every alternate day if you are not fine with it better tell it out. It might happen you are not happy in getting into sexual act regularly as you will not have the pleasure to provide the best satisfaction to your partner. You can always tell them that you are not interested. It will make things clear in front of them rather than getting things into complication.
  • If you are a couple who like to enjoy sex then you can always keep it a habit of having sex weekly twice which will keep your body also healthy at the same time keep your partner always close to you.
  • Enjoy every moment you are with your partner rather than thinking about something else while you make the sexual act. This is the time you can be open with your partner to the most forgetting the whole world.

Having Sex on Period safe or not?

The immense emotions playing hide and seek with his sheltering arms wrapped around your body, touching every area every corner. You want his lips to be that ship that travels the ocean of your skin, exploring every depth. Now that he wants to touch your soul, you had this wake-up call “Oh honey! That’s not going to happen for it is not safe as I am down.”And the series of those feelings comes to a stop because the female is on her period.

Sex on periods is one such myth which came out of the closet and became a topic of discussion among the couples especially after the release of the book 50 shades of grey. Wherein all the fantasies of people came open and clear with what exactly they want so that they can feel the immeasurable pleasure. There are many opinions and personal choice of having it. But, this is to inform that it is safe. Even the doctors say just go with the flow, it is perfectly safe for both partners. The best part about it is women who have experienced feel more aroused more sensitive and find more pleasure in reaching the highest level of orgasm. Expert researchers suggest that orgasms during this time can be an aid healing and relieve the menstrual cramping and PMS. What can a lady ask more than this?

It may grab attention that there are many health benefits that come along with it.


  • It helps in reducing that pain one feel in the stomach and always cribbing about the pain while you are down
  • The uterus contract every time she has orgasm leading to reduction in the length of period
  • Helps in creating greater intimacy equivalent to more than satisfactory sex
  • Menstruation makes them hornier and turns on guys leading to great sex. Great sex automatically indicates towards a person with a happy face and great content.


This necessarily doesn’t need to be gross. It is just an old perception that found its space over a long span of time stating periods needs to be a private thing. Gone are those days when ladies used to withhold sex during her period. Now she prefers taking various measures into consideration so as to prevent the stain from spreading around. Like having a dark colored towel stretched on the bed, using female condoms etc. It definitely would get messy but getting that erotic feeling with your partner is enough to take all the pains.


So, to summarize, seeing the red hot ketchup all over your favorite hot dog is not preferred by some but if they can’t handle a girl during her periods, then it is the time to rethink and find the right person who is capable of having some fun in all kinds of situations. So, what if a girl is on her period, just remember your worth and enjoy the moments even when a girl is a mess.

5 Easy Different Sex Positions you Should Try!

Curling up on bed with your lover on a rainy night and getting lost in each other’s eyes is nothing but awesomeness unlimited! The sizzling chemistry between both of you is rekindled after what seemed ages – and you gear up for a refreshingly beautiful night together. Your guy starts caressing your breasts, tickles your belly button and reaches for your clitoris and within minutes, you are on cloud nine, or rather, on the ‘cloud of orgasm’.

But, wait! If you are a virgin or an amateur, you should be knowledgeable about the various sex positions in order to please your partner.

We would help you explore the different sex positions, so are you ready for them?

#1. Missionary:

This is one the most traditional sexual positions ever!

You need to lie down on your back while your guy lies on top of you. You might spread your legs wide. If you are adventurous, you might wrap your legs around him. As the guy lies on top of you, obviously, he is in complete control of the sped of penetration. Tell him to go about it slowly.

#2. Doggy Style:

Doggy style is among the favorite sex positions for men, as per surveys. It is really simple.

Just kneel down on your hands and knees. Let your man kneel down right behind you. This sexual position enables a man to enjoy deep penetration. It offers him an easy way to fondle your breasts and kiss your neck as well.

However, ask your partner to go slow at first.

#3. Girl on Top:

Several girls simply love to experiment with this sexual position. As the name explains, you lie on top of your man.

Move your body just the way it suits your comfort levels, if you do not have an idea about what to do once you are on top of him. Discover which movements offer you the utmost pleasure. You can also grab his penis and lower yourself onto it.

#4. Reverse Cowgirl:

This sexual position resembles that of the Girl on Top, but it is just the reverse. I will tell you how.

Ask your guy to lie down on his back. Now, lie down on top of your partner with your back facing him. Although, your guy would not be able to see your front portion, he would enjoy the view of your back. In this pose, you can try out a number of variations with your body.

#5. 69:

This is another wonderful sexual position that appeals to many people!

In the ‘69’ position, you attend to the private parts of your partner, while he takes care of your private parts. The best part about this position is that both of you experience sexual bliss simultaneously.

These are some of the different sex positions that are not only easy, but also extremely enjoyable at the same time. So, the next time you hit the sack together, make sure you explore these amazing sexual positions with your lover.

Protected At All Times In Their Senior Years

Going out of the house and interacting freely with others in public places is a daunting task for those senior citizens suffering from incontinence. But there is a way out with adult diapers.

The most challenging task for most senior citizens does not involve money or mobility…it deals with incontinence. With loss of bladder and bowel control, most seniors’ mobility gets restricted – to the extent that they stop going out of the house for fear of not finding a restroom on time.

Travelling for long periods of time, going out for dinner or other entertainment and even eating spicy foods become a distant memory as your beloved older person becomes increasingly frightened of sudden leaks and spills. They dread soiling their clothes and adding to the laundry burden in the house. Most of their favourite activities are cut short due to their incontinence issues. And if they ever need to go on a road trip, their first concern is, ‘Will there be washrooms on the way?’

There is no need for your loved one to suffer in embarrassed silence any more. You can introduce them to adult diapers and help them gain a new lease on life. Here is why using adult diapers helps them:

* They can travel long distances comfortably.

Travelling with the family or taking a solitary ride in the car becomes a thing of the past for many seniors. However, they can get back to travelling whenever they can if they use adult diapers. There is no need to look for a restroom at every stop, nor is there the need to carry an extra bag of underwear and pants. Help your loved ones rediscover the joys of travelling with family and friends all over again. Overnight drives and long flights become joyful instead of stressful with adult diapers.

* They can go out for dinner and drinks as before.

Older people are afraid to try out new spicy food or go to their favourite pub with friends. They fear a sudden attack of indigestion on consuming food they’ve never sampled before. An upset stomach is the incontinence sufferer’s worst enemy. However, an adult diaper can stave off these worries and let your loved one try new cuisines or a new brand of beer.

* Useful for Alzheimer’s patients or bedridden persons.

With a lack of memory and identity, most Alzheimer’s or dementia patients do not have the cognition to use the restroom in an emergency. This means that these patients often suffer ‘accidents’ and may not even be aware that they have soiled their clothes. If they are aware of it, they are often too embarrassed to say anything – which results in sores and infections if the soiled clothes are not changed quickly. The same trouble is experienced by bed-ridden seniors who need to use the bed pan often. Instead, get adult diapers for them and become worry-free.

It is important to choose the right kind of adult diapers which provide the maximum comfort. Look for these when you select diapers for a senior:

– Severity of the incontinence. This will determine the size of the diaper package you need to purchase for a week/month.

– The condition of skin. Many seniors have sensitive skin prone to rashes. The diaper must be made of soft and absorbent cotton that does not irritate the skin. Remember, if your loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia, he or she is likely to take off an itchy diaper than to keep it on!

– The right fit. The diaper must fit snugly without being tight. It should also not be loose lest its contents leak out. The user must be able to sit in it comfortably after it is taped on.

– Whether the brand is easily available at the drugstore. The diapers must be easily sourced from a local pharmacy because the worst thing to happen is to run out of the supply when needed. If the user is too embarrassed to buy it for himself from the drugstore, procure the packages over the Internet.

Condoms: Choosing the One for You

Many men and women believe that condoms would reduce the pleasure. But this is a myth. If you just look into today things have changed to a considerable extent. You can see variety of condoms and you will really get thrilled when you use them in your sex game. Condoms are no more uncomfortable. In fact if you buy the premium quality condom you would surely change your opinion. You can find the one that are thin, ultra-thin, non-latex, lubricated and flavored. You would surely love the kind of varieties as available. If you wish to give yourself and your partner ultimate pleasure and at the same time you want to practice contraception too then you should use condoms.

Trying something new

If you wish to try a new condom then first you can buy a small pack or a single one. You should try it. If you are satisfied and even your partner feels great with that then you can go for buying the bigger pack. Condoms have always helped people to have safe sex. With the innovation that has happened in this field, you will have safety plus pleasure and that too the ultimate one.

Love making doesn’t know time and place. It’s just that it happens. So, you just can’t wait as to when you will get this feeling and you will go towards the cupboard and get your condom. Well, make it a practice to keep one in your pocket. You can find that there are condoms available which even help in delaying the climax. Thus the partner can experience the best level of orgasm and satisfaction.

What you want: decide first

When choosing the condom you should first decide as to what you are your partner are looking for. Like, you might not want every night to be the same. You might be looking to take up adventure every night. But plan in the morning or evening itself as to what you plan to do. If you want to pamper your partner then something extra smooth would be the one that would create perfect atmosphere. Well, opt for the one with extra lubrication. If you are looking for something to please your penis then go for the one that is very thin. It would feel like almost the second skin. If you want to excite your partner then something with aroused dots would create the perfect ambience. You would be surprised with the kind of things that are designed for love making.

Love making is intense pleasure and it is a natural feeling of human beings. You just can’t stop that. Find time for yourself and your partner and look out for an adventure on the sexual ride. Love making is something that would make the bond even stronger. Life is full of hustle and bustle. Find out what you and your partner want and likewise buy the condom that you feel would be perfect for you. Enjoy till you drop.